About us
We're taking straws back to it's roots

The natural straws wholesaler and importer in the Netherlands, StrawTraderz. We specialize in 100% natural straws, what kind of products do we offer? We currently have: wheat, reed and bamboo straws. These straws can be ordered in different sizes and thicknesses. We try to innovate as much as possible in the field of natural alternatives to single-use plastic straws and are therefore always looking for alternatives.


Our straws are completely natural and are not treated with any chemical substance. As an importer of natural straws, we are well aware that everything we buy, we do it responsibly. How do we do that? With every order that we and you place, we help the local bamboo farmers and the families in Indonesia to a better standard of living, we do this by paying a fair price for our straws. We also donate 5% of the total order to a children’s orphanage in Indonesia for every order we place at our farmers. By using a StrawTraderz straw you not only support the environment and mother earth, but also the local farmers where we buy our raw materials. Together with you we ensure better living conditions and we would like to thank you for that, also on behalf of the farmers and their families!


 “Plastic waste is a massive global epidemic that’s threatening our world, and we, as citizens of the world, need to act now”

What we stand for

At StrawTraders, we take pride in delivering what we promise. We base this promise on our why, how and what.


Our purpose is to replace all plastic straws with sustainable alternatives. To actively change the habits of plastic usage. Be the change you want to see in this world. We believe that we can make a difference and can ban all plastic straws. City by city, region by region, country by country.


By educating, inspiring, and supporting businesses to act differently. To offer a solution that replaces single-use plastics. To ensure that every person and business has the possibility to shift away from plastic and by offering sustainable alternatives. With every straw sold, we support local communities.


We offer the highest quality straws available on the market against an affordable price, ensuring accessibility for everyone. Our wide-range of products cover both single-usage and multiple-usage and are suitable for all kind of drinks.



Our commitment is to take feedback from our current and potential customers based on our why, how and what, this to keep improving on what we do for our planet.