Making the switch from a plastic to a natural straw is simple and full of benefits. It’s one of the easiest steps you could take to solve the plastic waste problems on our beloved planet. We’ve put in so much effort in creating high-quality biodegradable straws, and we are sure that our natural straws will contribute positively to the ecology movement.

Find out the benefits of StrawTraderz straws.

100% Compostable

We use pure plant material that comes from the Earth and goes back to the Earth, decomposing within 4-6 months. Our natural straws leave no toxic traces and serve as nutrients such as fruits and vegetables for the planet

100% Recyclable

Unlike plastic straws, our natural straws are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, plastic-free, non-toxic, and leave zero-waste. They will not be stuck in the landfills to pollute the environment and harm marine life.

Minimal processing

Our straws are fully grown in nature. After harvesting, our straws are cut and cleaned to remove bacteria and dirt thoroughly before we pack and ship them to you. No chemicals and coating are added, and all of our straws meet the food safety standards.

Gluten free

Our straws are made from the bottom stalk of cereal plants without the gluten seeds. Our straws fit perfectly into a gluten-free diet, and it can even be used in cases of gluten intolerance safely.

Versatile and strong

Our high-quality strong straws come in various sizes, making them suitable for all cold and hot drinks. Unlike paper straws, our natural straws do not get soggy in liquid and stay intact for all types of drinks.

Rest product of the harvest

After wheat and reed grains are harvested, the stalks still have a lot of value. While in some countries, farmers burn the stalks, we reclaim this material and use it to make our products. We conserve natural resources so that we don’t damage our planet further. As a result, high-quality premium natural straws are ready!

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100% Natural Reed Straws